A special place for a unique experience.

Inaugurated by professor DeRose in the year 1971 in Copacabana, in the heart of the southern area of Rio de Janeiro, the Historical Headquarters is the oldest DeROSE Method school.

An exclusive and pleasant space, with an infrastructure designed to create a special experience for our students and visitors by offering comfort, well being and safety.

Welcome to our digital space! Take advantage of the moment and schedule a visit to meet us personally.

Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, 583 / 306 | +55 21 2255-4243

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    Versatility is a quality that has always inspired me, an essential attitude for the realization of my dreams. After all, I am passionate about life, and the multiplicity of ways to see and experience this phenomenon. I am a businessman, artist, traveler, lover of sports, people and nature in a special way. When I encountered the DeRose Method, I soon realized that it was something unique, but had not yet processed the scale of the proposal, the capacity of transformation and the improvements in performance that the tools would provide me.

    Gustavo Schaeppi

  • ayran

    Techniques and concepts of the DeRose Method are at the heart of all my activities as an artist and as a citizen of the world. Now, with every breath, I can concentrate on stage with the violin. Using this powerful arsenal I am more aware of myself and make the most of all my potential!

    Ayran Nicodemo

  • fabbio

    One of the best things that happened in my life was to start practicing the DeRose Method. I made great friends, I started to eat better, improve my physical and emotional endurance, and it has made me a more educated person, better prepared to deal with the daily challenges

    Fábbio Canto

  • luiz

    I was tired of going to the gym. I spent a lot of time looking for something to do. I looked everywhere in Copacabana. Finally I found something different! I liked what I saw and heard. Yes, IT WAS DIFFERENT.
    Over the past five years I looked at every proposal for change suspiciously. Today I feel radiant. Now I surf on the wave of well-being, good food, better breathing and concentration and the new friends I made.
    Olhei com desconfiança toda sorte de mudança por que passei nestes últimos 5 anos.
    Radiante é como me sinto hoje. Agora surfo na onda do bem estar, da boa alimentação, de uma melhor respiração e concentração e dos novos amigos que fiz.

    Luiz Koatz de Gurvitz

  • andre

    For me, the method DeRose revolutionized my life. I learned to breathe better. My posture has improved, I began to sleep better and also learned to have greater self-knowledge of my body, helping me manage my emotions and thoughts in the best way for me. This is crucial both for my golf career and for my personal life (much more for my personal life). I was fortunate enough to be introduced to it when I was 15 years old and I'm sure that it has greatly increased my quality of life.

    André Tourinho