The DeROSE Method is an instrument of transformation

The techniques enhance the individual, while the concepts enable you to change the world.
Our Culture positively influences our surroundings by setting a good example with our own habits across the diverse groups of people we relate with, including: the family circle, the circle of friends and co-workers at school, recreational activities and, finally, the circle of people with whom we have crossed paths in our lives, including customers, suppliers and strangers.
The techniques alone enhance whoever decides to formally practice the METHOD. But, when the practitioner incorporates the concepts they transmit it to their family and friends, who end up practicing OUR CULTURE without realizing it.

It’s the husband or wife, son or father, or brother who don’t realize they have incorporated the METHOD because they haven’t signed-up, nevertheless, they absorbed a lifestyle, a modus vivendi, they adopted habits, attitudes, and behaviors that represent the core of our Method.

Text based on the pocket book: The DeROSE METHOD, by the author DeRose.



Professor DeRose.

It’s special to wake up every morning with determination. To have focus, discipline, disposition and good humor for the daily challenges and achievements to progress towards the realization of our personal goals.

With its foundation based on individual improvement and the reformulation of human behavior, the DeROSE Method helps people develop themselves. Good manners, good health, good physical fitness, good nutrition and good human relations are some of the concepts explored in our space.

Of course this doesn’t happen overnight, OUR METHOD has over 50 years of experience. Our tradition guides and fuels our proposal.

If you are someone who wants to get the most from your abilities and be better than you ever imagined, we have a METHOD for you to become the size of your dreams.


High performance

Good physical fitness is the first step of OUR CULTURE, which proposes a behavioral renovation that serves as the basis for optimal athletic performance.

The DeRose Method techniques optimize organic and respiratory conditioning, improve disposition and help with the management of emotions. All of effects of these tools are reflected in increases in the ability to focus and determination to overcome challenges and achieve better results.

With training focused on the body, mind, emotion and intuition, the DeRose Method conditions the body and prepares us to obtain high performance in everything we do.



We should be like the waters of the streams that, serenely, circumvent the obstacles.


The tools of the DeRose Method inspires artists to connect with their emotions and abstractions, in the transposition of their purest feelings into art.

By expressing what we are, we inspire those around us.


The DeROSE Method professional training prepares the student to become an entrepreneur of OUR CULTURE.

As in any career, after the initial graduation, the professional can specialize in diverse areas within our curriculum, all focused on human enhancement and pertaining to the technical and conceptual heritage of our educational framework.

The length of the professional training can vary, but it has a minimum duration of 24 months. The main objective of the course is to prepare the student for an exam in the Federation of their state. After this examination, the student starts his career as a DeROSE Method entrepreneur, at the level of assistant, and may begin to teach and be financially remunerated. In addition, the newly trained entrepreneur has all the support and guidance from the school to which they are associated.

The structure of the complete course, only open to qualifying students, is divided into a three modules and includes the following content:

Philosophical Foundations, theoretical and practical course with a duration of eight months:

For students who want to become more advanced practitioners, the first module consists of a deeper study of our philosophy, aimed at technical improvement and an expansion of the cultural knowledge advocated by the institution. The objective of this module is to develop a sound perspective and ethical understanding, proactivity, self-study, communication and teamwork skills, and awareness of body, emotion, mind and intuition.

Pedagogic Complementation, theoretical and practical course with a duration of eight months:

For students who want to become DeRose Method entrepreneurs, this module works on the development of the philosophical and practical knowledge assimilated in the previous module. The concepts and techniques acquired are applied with the objective of preparing the student to teach classes. Once the student has completed all the requirements of this module, the candidate will be prepared to take the exam in the FEDERATION of their state and, if approved, begin their training to work as an assistant instructor.

Internship, practical experience and integration with a duration of 6 months:

For the candidate who has been approved in the FEDERATION exam, provides experience in the daily work of a DeROSE Method certified school. In this module, the classes and implementation of lifestyle coaching are further developed. Communication, teamwork and the introduction to the current management models in the institution are other skills developed in this module.